elivy is a technical sales representative of manufacturers of electronic components and modules.
We focus on Asian-based manufacturers due to their strong competitive cost structure. Our partners are selected based on their ability to deliver quality and cost advantage at the same time.
Beyond that we work together with our customers looking for special technologies. We use our strong network in Taiwan and China in order to identify manufacturers meeting established requirements in quality and cost advantage.

selecting the right components during a new development is a very critical part of the development process - it will determine final product's competitiveness. Engineering can impact decisively on functionality and cost structure by getting it right from the begin on.
For us helping customers to bring a competitive product out to the market in short time is not only about business but about passion. Passion about being involved in all important aspects of the concept, development and going to market phases of the product. Due to this passion we call us the technology scout firm.

should you be looking for technology or alternative product sourcing which you can not find here, please don't hesitate to contact us at: ask_us@elivy.eu